AMPOL Experience

The following is a partial list of the major incidents and a brief description as to which AMPOL had provided professional services.
Incident & Project Related Experience
Emergency Spill Response:
  • Client: British Petroleum
    Following the MC 252 Incident Mr. Headley immediately initiated a mass hiring, growing the company by 600% in personnel to respond to the rapid emergency response and cleanup effort. During the duration of the 5 month response, Mr. Headley managed approximately 10 offshore skimming vessels, 5 offshore and in-situ burn vessels, in-land and offshore boom operations, and choreographed the expedited loading and transit of dispersant aircraft. To effectively supply assets for the process, Mr. Headley managed the existing boom factory and successfully managed initial setup of a new boom manufacturing facility as well as handling negotiations of the renewal of boom manufacturing contracts. Mr. Headley conducted initial set up and managed multiple remote field operational locations from west Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle while managing and organizing onsite and offsite accounting processes. Additionally, Mr. Headley managed the first ever deployment of ocean boom from a converted Pipelay Barge which was concluded with great success.

  • Client: Chevron USA
    Responsible for mobilization and supervision of emergency response personnel during a major oil spill off of the Washington State coast, Mr. Headley coordinated response within 12 hours to reach the project site prior to the arrival of local-based crews. Mr. Headley's prompt mobilization and response personnel deployment allowed his company to work in tandem with local contractors to assist in beach cleanup. Cleanup activities took place on sandy beachhead, as well as on rocky outcropping and tidal breaks. The response was required to proceed independently of other contractors, which necessitated complete logistical support for the immediate placement of vendors and support facilities.

  • Client: British Petroleum
    Mr. Headley supervised a project which provided off-shore and on-shore based spill response services to recover crude oil spilled in a highly populated, oceanfront property area of Southern California. Mr. Headley coordinated a fleet of 19 containment / skimmer vessels and over 350 personnel without incident or impact to the shore-based marine population. The highly populated community and political sensitivity resulting from extensive media attention did not deter the cleanup operation or Mr. Headley's ability to conduct the operation without incident. Mr. Headley provided consulting and managerial support on the methods of cleanup, coordination of the vessel fleet, and health and safety consideration from the control center established at the site. He also provided assistance with on-site OSHA/SARA/Marine Safety training to cleanup personnel throughout the spill site area.

  • Client: National Marine
    Mr. Headley supervised mobilization and response personnel cleanup work for a styrene spill in the Intercoastal Canal near Centerville, Louisiana. All work was completed with no adverse impact on the coastal environment and according to applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

  • Client: Bouchard Brothers and Maritran / National Response Corporation
    Mr. Headley mobilized over 100 personnel and equipment to the Tampa/St. Petersburg Florida Spill, where two ocean going barges collided with one ship. Mr. Headley then utilized his expertise in management to make the spill cleanup complete and without incident. Mr. Headley worked for both responsible parties, whom hired him separately for this project. Mr. Headley provided offshore Skimming operations on NRC (National Response Corporation) equipment, beach cleanup and inland cleanup. During the final phases of the cleanup process, Mr. Headley managed the diving operations which consisted of underwater removal and surveillance of potential underwater contamination.

  • Client: Morris J Berman
    During the 3 month spill cleanup for the Morris J Berman Barge in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mr. Headley mobilized and deployed specialized response equipment and personnel via air transportation. Mr. Headley provided management expertise to local companies and technical operators for the NRC equipment through the duration of the cleanup operation.


  • After 9/11 Mr. Headley and his company were asked to have personnel respond to Washington D.C. and Trenton New Jersey U.S. Postal facility to decontaminate the offices, the project required remediation of Anthrax. American Pollution Control Corp (AMPOL) responded with 20 personnel within 12 hours on scene on a project that would take an estimated 3 years to complete.
  • Client: Tesoro
    Mr. Headley was the project manager for a soil remediation project at a fuel distribution facility located in Fourchon, Louisiana. The project required remediation of hydrocarbons as well as other contaminants.
  • Client: Lafayette Utilities
    AMPOL mobilized equipment and personnel to clean up a Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) containment storage yard. AMPOL loaded and disposed of 13 rail cars of PCB contaminated soil.

Underground Storage Tank Projects:

  • Client: Tesoro and Mapco
    Mr. Headley has been the project manager for numerous leaking underground storage tank remediation projects. He has coordinated sampling, analysis, remedial design, and remedial action plans for leaking tanks.
Asbestos Abatement:
  • Mr. Headley has managed industrial, commercial and AHERA act, and asbestos abatement projects throughout Southern Louisiana and Mississippi.
  • AMPOL was called on an emergency basis for a compressor station in Mississippi that had burned to the ground. The station contained battery acid and broken transit asbestos. AMPOL provided a single source contractor to remove the acid contamination and the removal of all asbestos. After the removal process, AMPOL was responsible for the demolition and disposal of all hazardous and non-hazardous material from the building.

Underwater Oil Base Mud Recovery:

  • Client: Unocal
    AMPOL was called out to recover 200 barrels of oil based mud that sinks underwater. AMPOL mobilized a complete diving, cleanup separation and water discharge operation that recovered the oil and water, separated the oil and discharged the clean water to meet all agency requirements.

Lead Abatement:

  • Client: City of Lafayette
    AMPOL mobilized a crew to do lead abatement under containment inside a school. AMPOL completed the job with no outside contamination.



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