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AMPOL Unveils Fluid Filtration Division - Monday, August 27, 2012
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NRC Demonstrates Launch of Oil Stop Boom

Oil Stop Boom Launch

YouTube>> CLICK HERE to see a video of Oil Stop inflatable boom being deployed.

NRC (National Response Corporation) uses dedicated vessels for oil spill response. For oil recovery operations, they prefer to use an oil skimmer and a containment boom together in a sweep, or advancing mode. The Oil Stop inflatable boom was chosen to replace a solid flotation boom of the same size (43-inch). The solid float boom took up too much storage space and was bulky to launch and recover. The Oil Stop inflatable boom requires a minimum of storage space and is easier to launch, recover and decontaminate. This was the first NRC location to try the inflatable boom sweep. Reviews from the operators are very positive.

Want to learn more about AMPOL and Oil Stop? See us in action on our YouTube channel. >> CLICK HERE

AMPOL Unveils Fluid Filtration Division

AMPOL's Fluid Filtration Division offers a full range of services using new methods and technologies for cleaning and recycling used fluids. Headquartered in New Iberia, La., AMPOL's Fluid Filtration Division services the entire Gulf Coast and ships products across the United States and to many countries overseas. AMPOL developed these products and service lines in response to the growing need for companies to save on fuel and oil costs. Whether it's storage, transportation or disposal, fuel costs are continually increasing, and AMPOL's Fluid Filtration Division can help improve the profitability of businesses by minimizing fuel costs.

Fuel Maintenance Program

Contamination of diesel fuel by moisture, debris and natural fuel decay (sludge) is the leading cause of power generator failure, which is often unnoticed during routine maintenance services. If unresolved, this can cause serious problems including generator malfunction and even severe engine damage.

AMPOL has developed a Fuel Maintenance Program as a convenient and cost-effective way to minimize or eliminate system failure due to accelerated diesel fuel corrosion or microbial attack. AMPOL's Fuel Maintenance specialists inspect, analyze, clean, treat and recycle diesel fuel while cleaning storage tanks. The Fuel Maintenance Program is designed to treat long standing diesel fuel tanks, such as those in emergency power systems. There are a wide variety of markets with diesel power generators including hospitals, airports, assisted living communities, casino/resorts and oil and gas facilities.

Tornado Tank Cleaning System

Tornado Filtration SystemThe Tornado Tank Cleaning System is used in AMPOL's Fuel Maintenance Program and is specifically designed for diesel fuel systems, such as those that power emergency generators. This modern tank cleaning innovation uses three stages of filtration, high volume flow rates and variable speed to create a new elevated standard in tank cleaning. The Tornado filters gross particulates (dirt and sludge), fine particulates (bacteria and algae) and water from fuel, restoring the fuel back to its refinery quality. Tornado Filtration services benefit any company that has non-flammable fuels/oils, such as diesel, heating oils or hydraulic oils.

Emergency Response

AMPOL's emergency response coordinators are in constant communication with the Fluid Filtration Division and will be ready to respond around the clock in the event of an emergency situation. Marine and vessel companies can also be better prepared in the event that emergency response services are required should their fuel get contaminated with water or sediments.

Oil CAT Fuel Blending System

As the official Gulf Coast distributor for the Oil CAT fuel blending system, AMPOL's Fluid Filtration Division can eliminate the cost of collecting, handling, storing and transporting used oil, as well as save on fuel costs.

Contaminated FuelThe Oil CAT system automatically blends diesel fuel with used motor oil from any diesel engine oil pan, filtering the fuel/oil mixture and depositing it into the diesel fuel tank servicing the engine.

For every gallon of used oil blended, the cost of one gallon of diesel is saved. The Oil CAT system targets any company that produces large amounts of waste oil or has frequent oil changes. Specific markets include off-road equipment fleets and marine and vessel companies.

"Our experience in emergency response gives our customers piece of mind that we have the capabilities and know-how to quickly assess and manage any situation," said Jon Wagner, Fluid Filtration Division Manager. "AMPOL developed its Fluid Filtration products and services to meet the growing need for companies to save money on fuel and oil costs. Storage, transportation and disposal costs are continually increasing, and AMPOL's Fluid Filtration Division can help improve the profitability of businesses by minimizing these costs."

AMPOL's field, management and technical experiences offers safe, dependable, cost-effective and regulatory-compliant solutions for industrial environmental issues. For more information on AMPOL's Fluid Filtration Division, call (337) 365-7847 or for 24-hour emergency response, call (800) 482-6765.

AMPOL employs more than 200 employees worldwide and offers oil spill response, tank cleaning, confined space entry services, naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) survey and remediation, lead and asbestos abatement services, insulation services, hazardous material (HAZ-MAT) emergency cleanup, soil remediation, demolition services, marine transportation, spill equipment manufacturing, emergency medical and fluid filtration services.

See AMPOL and Oil Stop in Abu Dhabi at ADIPEC

AMPOL and Oil Stop will participate in ADIPEC 2012 in Abu Dhabi. The 15th edition of the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) will be Nov. 11-14 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

ADIPECAs the largest exhibition for the Middle East oil and gas industry, ADIPEC is supported by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and the UAE's Ministry of Energy and hosts more than 1,500 exhibitions and attracts more than 45,000 attendees.

ADIPEC is a key event in the region and AMPOL and Oil Stop look forward to meeting with oil and gas industry professionals to network and discuss core issues in the region. >> CLICK HERE FOR MORE SHOW INFORMATION

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