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AMPOL’s experienced and qualified team, who are licensed to remediate naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM), provides equipment survey and decontamination services for both onshore and offshore operations.

AMPOL’s NORM. services include: Surveys and abatement of equipment, facility construction materials, process units, piping and property, Recovery of materials, Temporary storage, DOT Compliant transport, Managed disposal to a licensed facility, Fully-licensed contractor – Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, Clean, reclaim and recycling of equipment.

AMPOL provides initial site assessment, remedial investigations, feasibility studies and personnel for any hazardous and non-hazardous site including pits, impoundments, piping, pipelines, facility process unites and property. AMPOL works with the client to develop a remedial plan including a site-specific health and safety plan. We then implement the most applicable treatment technologies and equipment to mitigate the problem.

AMPOL’s Treatment Technologies Include: Biological, Incineration and Physical-chemical process.