Auto Boom


Rapid response is critical to the success of any oil containment effort. Oil Stop’s Auto Boom™ makes it possible to safely and rapidly deploy oil boom to contain a spill in the shortest amount of time, and with a minimum amount of manpower.



Oil Stop’s single point inflation model Auto Boom™ employs our patented Automatic Inflation Technology. Auto Boom™ was developed to provide safe, quick and efficient containment of floating oil. Auto Boom™’s unique design makes it possible to store large lengths (up to 2,000 feet) of offshore oil containment boom on a compact reel. As the boom is deployed from the reel, it automatically inflates from a single air source. Once inflated, the patented design allows each flotation chamber to be isolated, and in the event that one chamber is damaged or deflated, adjacent chambers remain fully inflated so that the boom can continue to function properly. As an added safety feature, Auto Boom™ incorporates a thin layer of closed cell foam inside each inflation chamber to provide positive buoyancy when the boom is not inflated.