Volume 01 | Nov. 21, 2016


salah_mansourNEW HIRE

American Pollution Control (Ampol) is proud to announce that Salah Mansour is joining Ampol as our International Sales Manager. Salah brings to Ampol many years of experience working and selling products and services worldwide, Salah is bilingual, and an engineer who will help clients solve their containment, storage and recovery needs. Salah’s career has been spent working to solve issues for all types of Oil,Gas and transportation companies. Salah will represent the well-known Oil Stopbrand of products and also the Ampol services lines. It will be a pleasure toutilize his great knowledge and skills to continue our growth.



ampol_instulationAMPOL INSULATION

Ampol is providing the Iberia Parish School Board mold remediation ad solving their problems with insulation. The insulation Ampol provided is the barrier between hot and cold, which in turn stopped the condensation issues that were causing mold growth. Ampol used a spray foam in the attic at a local Concession stand to prevent heat loss or gain which stopped the excess moisture.


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